The Functional Galentine’s Day Gift That’s a Treat for You *and* Your BFF

Photo: Well+Good Creative
Have you ever come across a gift so nice, you gave it twice? Not only have I done this several times, but it's basically the guiding principle for how I shop for other people: If I come across a candle or a cocktail mixer that seems like something I and most of my squad would love, then I know it's a surefire gifting hit. So for this Galentine's Day, I found the perfect gift, per this rule of thumb: Not only am I getting my BFF something that I would for sure buy for myself, but I'll actually end up with one too. Here's how:

In time for the holiday, minimal and colorful accessories brand Dagne Dover launched its Love is a Superpower collection. The edit is full of millennial pink options and enough purses that could double as gym bags to make your healthy heart sing, but the real MVP is a pair of card cases.

For $75, you and your Galentine's Day date each get a card case—AKA a very slim and functional wallet—that together complete a heart and that solo are just cute AF. It's basically the grown-up and sophisticated version of those BFF necklaces you were rocking in the '90s. Ah, retro nostalgia. The pair of card cases come in color options like rich red with a half-blue, half-green heart; yellow with a half-pink, half green-heart; and deep green with a half-pink, half-red heart.

And after the gift-giving portion of the celebratory event with your platonic soul mate, hunker down with some holiday appropriate Netflix picks and some keto-friendly brownies.

For peak-festivity, serve your Valentine's Day treats (maybe no-bake cookie dough bars?) in a well-intentioned heart-shaped bowl

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