Make a Personal Serving of Iced Tea in 5 Minutes With This To-Go Press

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Making iced tea feels like one of those things that shouldn't be that difficult. But it can be a bit of a pain, especially if you want your tea now without turning it into a watered-down mess by plopping ice cubes straight into your piping-hot cup or kettle. Someone has finally figured out a better way to go about it, though. Introducing the David's Tea Iced Tea Press, which is designed to make a single-serving of iced tea in five minutes.

Shaped like a tall to-go cup and available in seven styles ($18 to $25), the David's Tea Iced Tea Press is broken up into three sections: the outer cup, an inner shell with a mesh bottom, and the lid. And it'll work with either loose or bagged tea.

Kind of like a coffee French press, you start by placing your tea of choice in the bottom of the cup. Heat water to the correct temperature for whatever type you're brewing, and pour it into the container up to the fill line. If you'd like to add sweetener, this is the time to do it.

While your tea is steeping, fill the inner sleeve with ice, and screw on the top. Then, place the inner sleeve of ice inside of the cup but don't push it all the way down or you'll melt the cubes prematurely and overflow the container. (It will float right at the top of the water until you apply pressure thanks to a rubber gasket on the bottom of the sleeve.)

Once the steeping time is up, check that your lid is in the open position to let air escape, and slowly press the sleeve into the tea. As the tea floods through the mesh bottom of the inner sleeve, the loose tea/bag will remain in the lower chamber.

If you're headed out, this to-go mug is great to bring with you—just note that it's doesn't have the most air-tight design, so you wouldn't want to chuck it in your bag. What it lacks in a solid seal, though, it makes up for in ease of use.

Technically, you can make any tea into iced tea. But a fresh and fruity blend just tastes like summer. Right now, I'm loving David's Tea's iced tea collection ($30), which comes with 20 individual sachets.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the strawberry mojito blend. The best part is that the tea is strong enough to get multiple cups out of one bag. The second cup tastes just as good as the first, and while the third cup doesn't have the same punch, it's still delicious. Who says hitting your H2O goals when it's hot out has to be bland? Bottoms up!

What's more, many herbs included in the David's Tea blends are great for anxiety. Learn more about them by watching this video below:

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