The Secret to Skipping Post-Workout Showers—but Still Smelling Great

Photo: Instagram/@noahdneiman
Sometimes there's just no time to primp post-workout, even after sweating buckets in an intense class (hello, hot yoga). While it may scare you (or your nearby coworkers) to hit the office like that, boxing pro and co-founder of New York City's Rumble studio Noah Neiman says it's totally fine.

"I never have time for anything," he says. In other words—he doesn't usually get to shower throughout the day, despite teaching and sweating with hundreds of people a day. Despite this, he's never gotten a complaint about his stench. His secret? A healthy diet.

"The more processed and synthetic foods you eat, the worse you'll smell—because all of that stuff sweats out of your pores."

"The more processed and synthetic foods you eat, the worse you'll smell—because all of that stuff sweats out of your pores," says Neiman. "Eat super clean, get a lot of rest, drink a lot of water—all that stuff will help, so even if you don't have anything on and you don't have time to shower, you're not going to be that stanky."

What also aids in his inoffensive post-workout odor is the fact that Neiman's actually been into natural personal care products throughout his life—so he's hip to non-toxic deodorant (his personal fave is Nubian Heritage's Coconut Papaya scent). "I've been cognizant of what I put on my skin since I was a kid," he says. "So I use my tropical deodorant to smell good, do a spritz of my cologne and do a little European shower—that's it."

Basically what it boils down to—cologne aside—is an all-natural lifestyle. "For as long as I can remember, I've been doing the natural thing," he says. "Besides tequila, which is still natural. And then aluminum-free deodorant. A lot of tequila, a little aluminum-free deodorant. It's about balance." Shower or not, I'm going to have to agree (cheers).

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