Emmy Rossum Always Packs This Travel-Size Recovery Tool to Work Out Sore Muscles on the Road

Photo: Getty Images/Michael Tullberg
It's hard to leave treasured items and loved ones, like your dog, behind while traveling, but many beloved belongings simply don't fit in even the most expertly packed carry-on. One particularly tough healthy-living staple to tote along for wanderlusting adventures is your clutch, albeit super-bulky foam roller. But, as a healthy-living warrior, you know better than to leave the recovery tool behind only to collect dust in the corner of your apartment. And luckily, there's a way for you to avoid sore muscles on the road without sacrificing too much prime space in your luggage.

Shameless star Emmy Rossum recently shared a genius hack on her Instagram Story that helps her take care of her body, no matter where she's jet-setting off to visit. As part of the actress's self-care routine, she's enlisted the help of a (super-cute) mini 12-inch foam roller ($25) so she can "roll out on the road." Just like the full-size roller you have at home, this travel-friendly version can help improve blood circulation, decrease inflammation, and combat any flight-induced stress and soreness—all while taking up minimal square footage.

This little travel companion is sure to become the new BFF to your muscles while you're globe-trotting. Now, if only there were a way to sneak your furry friend along for the ride, too....

Make sure to pack a mini foam roller for your next vacay.

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