‘I’ve Been a Dermatologist for 3 Decades, and This Is the Only Moisturizer I Use Every Fall’

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As soon as the weather starts to shift, you can feel it in your skin. Especially if you're prone to dryness, the dip in temperature can cause tightness, flaking, and more. That's why board-certified dermatologist Tina Alster, MD, switches to the Epionce Medical Barrier Cream ($26 to $50) as soon as fall hits.

"Exposure to fall's colder air and gusty wind increases water loss from the skin and dries it out," says Dr. Alster, who lives in Washinton DC. "My favorite moisturizer is Epionce Medical Barrier Cream. Only a small amount is needed to provide superior moisture."

Dr. Alster applies this face cream daily after she showers and layers on more whenever her skin feels dry. It was designed to soothe and revive persistently dry skin, and is so reparative that it can also work on eczema and minor burns. "It is loaded with moisture-laden ceramides that can easily penetrate and hydrate the skin without feeling heavy or greasy," says Dr. Alster.

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Meadowfoam and safflower seed oils do the heavy lifting in this cream, providing deep hydration while white lotus extract soothes skin and calms irritation. Ceramides, which are fatty acids that naturally occur in the skin, then step in to help fortify your skin barrier and prevent moisture loss. Finally, apple and date extracts brighten and revitalize your complexion.

Because of its skin-strengthening and soothing abilities, Dr. Alster often prescribed this cream to her patients to help speed recovery after in-office procedures like lasers or chemical peels. If you're going to add one luxury product to your aresenal this fall, do yourself a favor and make it this one.

Get a head start on your winter skin-care routine with these ingredients:

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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