The Masses Have Spoken: You Should *Always* Wear Socks on Your Summer Flights

Photo: Stocksy/Bo Bo
There are plenty of dos and don'ts to follow while flying in close quarters with a bunch of strangers, and though some are not universally agreed upon, others are set in proverbial stone. One of the icky habits to avoid if you don't want to earn the wrath of your seat neighbors? Taking off your socks while you're up in the air.

More than 90 percent of respondents said being barefoot during a flight is not good airplane etiquette.

In a recent report from Expedia that surveyed 18,229 people across 23 countries, more than 90 percent of respondents said being barefoot on Boeing (and all aircrafts for that matter) is not good airplane etiquette. Not only is it totally unhygienic, but it can also smell horrible (hello, sweaty summer feet!). And who wants to stare at someone else's toes for hours on end—regardless of how awesome that pedicure is? Nobody. That's why 75 percent of Americans in particular said they always keep both their shoes and socks on.

Another major in-flight no-no is talking to your seatmate: Nearly 90 percent of Americans want peace and quiet, and 77 percent "dread" sitting next to someone who talks too much.  Other bad flight behavior includes kicking the seat in front of you, invading your neighbor's personal space, body odor (my eyes are watering just thinking about it), and—sorry, new parents!—babies who cry nonstop.

Remember, positive change starts with you, so make sure you're never guilty of those in-flight behaviors and remain cognizant of the people around you. Hey, consider the news as an excuse to get some chic summer sneaks.

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