This ‘Precision Dosed’ Serum Is Designed To Make Skin-Care Ingredients More Effective, and It Instantly Calmed My Red, Angry Complexion

Photo: Exponent
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With so many new beauty products launching seemingly every day, it's rare that something feels truly revolutionary. One exception of late? Exponent Beauty's line of "precision dosed" skin care.

The brand, which launched in early 2022, was developed with the goal of keeping active ingredients more potent for longer periods of time, giving you more bang for your buck and a more effective product in the process. Exponent's founder, Liz Whitman, had a vision to create clean, intentionally-packaged formulas without losing efficacy, and when you take a look at the products' innovative chemistry and design, it's clear she aced her mission.

Certain actives, like vitamin C, retinol, and CoQ10, are highly unstable and degrade when they're exposed to elements like air, light, and water. To ensure these ingredients stay fresh, Exponent splits its formulas into two parts—a powdered active and a liquid hydrator—which remain separated until immediately before you apply. They mix together in what the brand calls "an activator" (and what I would call "one of the most beautiful pieces of refillable skin-care packaging I've ever seen"), dispenses a one-percent dose of ingredients in every pump, which is the optimal amount you need to see a change in your complexion.

When my own skin stopped reacting to my usual routine—and started to look dull, aged, and acne-prone—I decided to try Exponent's Calm Revival Green Tea Resveratrol Serum ($166) to get things back on track.

Calm Revival Green Tea Resveratrol Serum — $166.00

Off the bat, you’ll need to purchase one of Exponent’s $166 starter kits, which comes with the dispenser, the active ingredient powder, and the hydrating liquid. When it comes time to refill, you can purchase the active powder ($88) and hydrator ($66) individually.

The formula's star ingredient is green tea, which is known for its potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. There's also hyaluronic acid to deliver an extra dose of hydration to assist in healing wounds (like acne) and make your complexion look plump and dewy. “The serum also has anti-aging properties,” says Whitman, noting that the combination of resveratrol (a grape-derived antioxidant) and centenella (a calming, redness-reducing ingredient) team up to “decrease fine lines, wrinkles, improves skin’s elasticity and speeds up collagen synthesis.” She also notes that the formula “is suited even for sensitive skin and skin that can’t tolerate hard active ingredients," which means pretty much anyone can reap its benefits.

I've been using the calming serum for two weeks, and almost immediately noticed that my skin was less greasy and puffy when I woke up in the morning (two things that can be attributed to the green tea, which controls excess sebum production and soothes puffy skin). Over time, I've been impressed with how my dull, broken-out skin has transitioned into looking brighter and less red. These days, my complexion feels soothed, calm, and restored.

Revolutionary, indeed.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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