Get the Digital Detox of Your Holiday-Season Dreams With Facebook’s New “Snooze” Button

Photo: Stocksy/Aleksandra Kovac
It's easy to feel overwhelmed during the holiday season: Your regularly scheduled hygge nights in are replaced with an onslaught of social commitments, holiday preparations, and family time, after all. And, while all of those seasonal features can be great, they also tend to be stressful AF. Adding fuel to the festive fire is that when you turn to your Facebook newsfeed for a mental respite of relatable memes and visually pleasing cooking videos, you're bombarded with your uncle's questionable opinions. But Facebook (finally) has a solution.

Just in time for the holidays, the social media platform has rolled out a new "Snooze" feature, which is basically a temporary version of hiding someone from your timeline. It's the seasonally appropriate way of dealing with that uncle or even your ex (whom you might consider just unfriending until you're totally over it #justsayin).

The alternative is unfriending the people you're spending the holidays with, which means drawing a serious line in the digital sand that might make your gatherings rather awkward. I mean, just imagine the uncomfortable small talk that'll transpire once the reason you missed cousin Lisa's recent puppy pic is out in the open.

The Snooze button also gives you a great excuse to get in that digital detox (from the people who trigger you most, that is) you've been promising yourself. Is there a simpler way to sneak some Zen into your chaotic celebrations? Didn't think so.

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