9 Wellness-Infused Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Actually Love

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Your dad taught you how to ride a bike and helped you with your math homework, but picking out the perfect gift to say thank you for passing on all that wisdom can feel like an algebra equation itself.

If you're feeling stumped, we've got some suggestions. We've curated our fave editor-approved dad's day picks with just a hint of wellness (AKA they'll help him live a healthier life, but won't leave him asking, "Wait what the heck is ashwagandha?").

From a DIY kombucha maker (even if he's never had it, trust us he'll become a convert) for the dad who likes to get creative in the kitchen, to the ultimate non-toxic grooming kit for the dad whose look is always on point (or could use a little help in that department), there's a gift for every type of dad that will say "thanks for being awesome" way better than yet another tie.

Scroll down to shop the good-for-you gifts to get your dad this Father's Day.

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