These 5 Fitness Fashion Stories *Dominated* Well+Good in 2017

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I write a leggings story every week—sometimes a handful of them! The frequency made me wonder: Am I obsessed, or is everyone else obsessed? The answer, reassuringly, is both. Four of the five most clicked-on style stories on Well+Good in 2017 dealt with the stretchy pant. (The other top story? Well, chic black swimsuits are always in style).

In 2018, the leggings obsession will focus on comfort, glitter, and much more (I predict velvet will continue its ascent) while fashion will likely continue to move deeper into the realm of nostalgia (hello, chunky sneakers, scrunchies, and Lisa Frank).

But for now, revisit—or relive—some of the top trends of 2017.

Scroll through the top fitness fashion moments of 2017 below.

Photo: Lululemon

1. Universally flattering leggings

The Well+Good team's favorite and most flattering pair of leggings was tough to decide upon, considering the office-wide leggings obsession. But, here they are.

Photo: Stocksy/Howl

2. Black bathing suits for everyone

Treasuring one go-to favorite above all other earthly possessions may seem a tad dramatic, but as everyone knows, finding good basics can be hard. Enter this cheat sheet to versatile, fashionable, and functional one-piece black swimsuits.

Photo: Instagram/@bandier

3. The black leggings you can (er, could) get on sale at Bandier

You can never have enough leggings, which seems especially true when it comes to the versatile black edition. These LBLs (little black leggings) on sale at the often-pricey Bandier were a mega hit.

Photo: Onzie

4. Our readers' favorite workout leggings, ever

Well+Good editors, of course, routinely provide rundowns on the best leggings, but in this piece, the readers shed some light on their go-to staples. Hive mind!

Photo: Bandier

5. The best-selling pairs of timeless leggings

Knowing that hundreds (or thousands) of people endorse your purchase can help you avoid buyer's remorse, but it's also an easy way to tell which products are about to become classics.

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