Thank You, Mindy Kaling, for Sharing This Perfect List of Realistic Rom-Com Titles

Photo: Getty Images/Stefanie Keenan
Growing up, I was all about romantic comedies. I can't count the number of times I've watch Harry meet Sally, Andie Anderson decide she doesn't want to lose her guy, or Jenna Rink wish her way back into the life of her childhood BFF. But these films don't exactly portray modern relationships with realistic precision. And that's why this funny relationship meme—a modern update to classic rom-com titles—is bound to make you feel much better about your own long-term relationship.

Kaling's Instagram is perennially entertaining and one of her recent #regrams doesn't disappoint. This hilarious list of Little Known Rom-Coms to Watch with Your Long-Term Partner—created and shared by cartoonist for The New Yorker Amy Kurzweil, in February 2018—offers a handful of relatable updates to familiar movie titles. Instead of 10 Things I Hate About You, you get Ten Things I Hate About the Way You Load the Dishwasher. And while P.S. I Love You is a great flick, P.S. I Love You. Just Not in That Shirt is far more representative of real-life love.

I'm never going to give up my (impressive!) collection of romantic comedies, but one of the joys of any relationship is that it isn't #flawless—far from it, thankfully. In life, no one always says the right thing and you might not want to cuddle throughout the night (personal space, amirite?). And who actually gets spoon-fed spaghetti sauce while sitting on the kitchen counter in an oversized button-up and knee-high socks? Nobody. I'll take a perfectly imperfect relationship over an overly-scripted tear-jerker any day.

No, sleeping in separate beds doesn't mean your relationship is doomed. And find out how to be alone without being lonely, regardless of your relationship status.

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