5 Netflix Gems to Watch With Your Squad on Galentine’s Day

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February is only a few days shorter than all the other months, but come February 1 (and its immediate reminder that Valentine's Day is a-coming), that time disparity feels huge. Even if you're on top of your planner game and you've set the intention to find love, before you know it (read: before you're mentally prepared), there are heart-shaped chocolates and bouquets of flowers *everywhere.* But for some of us (AKA me, the person who has a standing weekly date with her BFF), the day before V-Day, Galentine's Day, will always reign supreme.

So, speaking as a seasoned Galentine's Day expert, whatever your celebratory day for lady love looks like—solo with your platonic soul mate or hosting a straight-up women's circle—queuing up a Netflix marathon of #girlpower aligned viewing material is a solid way to spend it.

Here's what to stream on Netflix to celebrate Galentine's Day


1. Parks and Recreation

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only TV show (at least on Netflix) that has an entire episode dedicated to the should-be national holiday, Galentine's Day. Leslie Knope is a champion of women and the inspiration behind, oh, about 80 percent of my friendship celebrations.


2. Heathers

Mean Girls isn't on Netflix, but Heathers is, and it's essentially the Lindsay Lohan flick's dark, older cousin. In true '80s fashion, Heathers features Christian Slater as the (psychotic) heartthrob, is extremely quotable, and will make you thankful that your Galentine's Day crew is not this squad of girls.


3. 13 Going On 30

If John Hughes' '80s movies and The Devil Wears Prada had a lovechild, it would be 13 Going On 30. The Jennifer Garner film offers everything you need in order to enjoy a movie with your pals: Judy Greer, Mark Ruffalo, and a Thriller dance sequence.


4. Bring It On

The early 2000s were a great time for dancing- and cheerleading-rivalry movies. While we (I) can't figure out why that tradition ended, a mainstay of the genre, Bring It On is on Netflix in all of its cheery glory.


5. Breakfast At Tiffany's 

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a good communal ugly cry. No matter how many times you've seen this movie, Audrey Hepburn's turn as Holly Golightly will have your crew embracing each other all while making a reservation to actually have breakfast at Tiffany's.

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