Holy Hand-Me-Downs: 8 Traits That Youngest Siblings Share

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As a middle child, I've always been jealous of my youngest brother: He got all the attention and seemingly could do no wrong. And now there's actual data to back up the theory that the baby of the family actually is special: One recent study found that youngest siblings greatly benefit from feeling like the favorite child and another found they are most likely to be self-employed AKA entrepreneurial AKA the next Payal Kadakia.

Here are some traits that all younger sibs will 100 percent agree reflect their special place at the dinner table. (Quick PSA: With Thanksgiving around the corner, you might consider brushing up on older- and middle-sibling traits, too.)

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1. You're awesome at thrifting, thanks to a childhood full of hand-me-downs

Being the youngest child means your entire wardrobe came from siblings who came before you (no matter size, trend, or personal preference). Silver lining: You're now the best thrift-store and vintage shopper in your friend group.


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2. Your parents were pretty lenient with you

As the youngest child, you got away with way more stuff than your older siblings could have ever dreamed of. Plus, you got all of the essentials (i.e., a cell phone) at a much younger age.

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3. Everyone in your family still thinks of you as the baby

Even you've been an adult for quite a while, you're still coddled and taken care of.

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4. You know what it's like to be alone

When your older sibling(s) left for college, it was bittersweet: Though you finally didn't have to share a bathroom or the TV remote, you were suddenly an only child.

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5. Your siblings basically double as bodyguards

It was nice having serious street cred on the playground.

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6. You've always been more mature than your peers

Call it the older-sibling effect. Being around more mature kids all the time meant your tastes were usually more refined than those of your friends.

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7. You have a sneaking suspicion that you're the most loved member of your family

What?!? It's not your fault that everyone seems to dote on you!

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8. You're extremely skilled at going with the flow

Since you weren't usually involved in the decision-making process of family goings on, you're pretty adept at rolling with the punches.

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