7 Birthday-Month Gifts for an Aquarius, the Zodiac’s Forward-Thinking Eccentric

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We've officially entered Aquarius season, which runs January 19 through February 20. And though 2021 has been off to a rocky start for a number of reasons, astrologically speaking, this year stands to be fortuitous for Aquarius. As we collectively enter the Age of Aquarius, an era marked by positive change and social goodness, remember that Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, has blessed Aquarians with their lucky emerald year. But in narrowing the scope of Aquarius' 2021 year horoscope to just their birthday season this month, it's clear that the wintertime may present some challenges. With that in mind, when getting birthday gifts for an Aquarius, be sure to consider what will make their life easier.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

So, what to get? Well, Alex Caiola, psychic, astrologer, and founder of spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn, has a few ideas. "Technology is huge for Aquarians—anything that allows them to innovate, or get ahead of the curve in any way, shape or form," she says.  "They're also big-picture thinkers who care about communication on a broad level; they care about big-picture things."

Delightfully quirky Aquarians also tend to have a fierce love of their individuality, so keep an eye to their specific preferences. Whether you're getting them a gift that's technology-enabled or not, make sure it's catered to their needs. And if you want to get even more nuanced, Caiola recommends looking to your Aquarius friend's Venus sign for insight. Your Venus is reflective of what you enjoy aesthetically or what gives you joy. (Find their Venus sign by running their chart via an online generator like this one. All you need is their birth date, location, and time.)

Overall, Caiola says to consider what gifts for an Aquarius would help upgrade their life. For specific ideas, keep reading.

7 gifts for an Aquarius that are as original as they are

1. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner, $129

Photo: Amazon

Caiola recommends this text scanner that highlights written words on paper, then translates them into different languages and reads the text back to you to cognitively reinforce whatever material you want to learn. Behold: The perfect gift for someone who is a natural student of the world, and who is open to using new tools to embrace old material.

Shop Now: Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner, $129

2. Abstract BW Mask, $16

Photo: Vistaprint

We all need masks now, and Vistaprint's are thoughtfully constructed, with high-quality stitching, optimum coverage from nose bridge to chin, and a mix of artsy prints. What's especially key for Aquarians, though, is that Vistaprint is all about supporting small business-owners with these designs, so humanitarian Aquarius can feel good about that.

Shop Now: Abstract BW Mask, $16

3. Drift Warming Bullet Vibrator, $95

Photo: Lora DiCarlo

Say hello to Drift, a new offering from sex-tech retailer Lora DiCarlo. It includes sophisticated microrobotics to mimic human touch and is part of a line of self-heating sex toys. Aquarians will appreciate the innovation (and the multiple orgasms).

Shop Now: Drift Warming Bullet Vibrator, $95

4. Dear Frances White Turin Boot, $595

dear frances

Aquarius usually gets pegged for having flower-child energy, but Caiola (and I) contend that Aquarius actually has mod energy, whereas Pisces are more-so the classic hippies of the zodiac. Anyway, if you find that the water-bearer in your life skews that way stylistically, grab them a pair of (very '60s yet still on-trend) white boots.

Shop Now: Dear Frances White Turin Boot, $595

5. Lil Ghosts AirPods Pro Case by GMF Designs, $35

airpods case

If you're looking for small gifts for an Aquarius, consider picking up this whimsical AirPods case, so their headphones are always protected. Just keep in mind their tech preferences. Because, as Caiola reminds, you wouldn't want to get a Samsung devotee an accessory strictly for AirPods.

Shop Now: Lil Ghosts AirPods Pro Case by GMF Designs, $35

6. Your Silence Will Not Protect You - Audre Lorde Quote Pullover, $24

Photo: Look Human

Aquarius's progressive ways relate to their activist spirit. This sweatshirt features the words of equal-rights activist and poet Audre Lorde—words that feel relevant today into infinity—and the Aquarian you love is sure to love it.

Shop Now: Your Silence Will Not Protect You - Audre Lorde Quote Pullover, $24

7. Apple Watch Series 6, $379

Photo: Amazon

We're in the midst of a pandemic and money might be tight, so you're likely not going to shell out big bucks to get Jennifer in marketing a smart device for her early-February birthday. However, if you have a serious S.O. or someone in your life you'd like to splurge on, the newest Apple Watch Series 6 is a great option. Considering Aquarians tend to be pretty heads-in-the-cloud about showing up on time that, a watch should send an impactful message, to boot.

Shop Now: Apple Watch Series 6, $379

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