5 hydration myths debunked

An expert puts the most common water-related claims to bed.


By Q Editors for Q.Equinox.com

The message used to be simple: Drinking water is good. Not drinking water is bad. But somehow over the years the hydration message became cloudy and now, rumors about water temperature, speed of intake and more are running rampant. In fact, they’ve even made there way into the Equinox clubs. So, we asked Marie Spano, MS, RD, a sports nutritionist and consultant for Smartwater, to set the record straight. Here she weights in on the latest H2O hype:

The Claim: Chugging water during a workout is less hydrating than sipping normally.

The Truth: “There is no scientific evidence indicating that “chugging” water is less hydrating than sipping it. If water is consumed it will help hydrate the body. However, the body’s ability to retain fluid consumed depends on several factors including sodium intake. The most important point to remember isn’t how you consume fluids but instead consuming enough total fluid and electrolytes to maintain proper hydration.”

Keep reading for four more hydration myths and truths…

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