5 ways Apple wants to make you healthier

The brand's newest products do way more than help you create your running playlists—they take a huge interest in your health and fitness. Here's how.
Apple_fitness_health_Apple Watch The saying, “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” might be more applicable than ever.

Apple is now taking a huge interest in your health. The sought-after brand’s products aren’t just about helping you create your running playlists—they want to make you healthier, too.

Last week, Apple announced the launch of its new health app, which debuts Friday as part of the new iPhone 6, and it unveiled the design for the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, coming in spring 2015. Cool health and fitness features will include custom sensors to monitor your heart rate and encourage you while you work out. The brand’s tech-y and fitness-y advancements might even make your coveted fitness trackers obsolete (gasp!).

Since there a tons of new features, we’ve put some muscle into sifting through them, so you know what to expect when you get Apple’s new goods in your hands.

Here are 5 ways Apple wants to help your health. (PS: None involve swiping your thumb through Instagram.) —Molly Gallagher

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Apple Watch_Fitness_Health Apple Watch

1. It’s going to remind you to exercise and when to stand up. The watch will have two wellness-loving apps: an activity app and a fitness app. They’ll do things like let you know when you’ve exercised for at least 30 minutes a day (no prob!), remind you to stand up when you’ve been sitting for too long (blame Bravo!), and let you set calorie, duration, or distance goals for your workouts, while giving you encouragements as you go (think: mini running coach on your wrist).

2. The watch should track your calories way more effectively than that random app on your phone. Because it will monitor your heart rate with a custom sensor, an aspect not currently integrated into most fitness trackers. And that’s key intel for tracking how many calories you’ve burned.

3. It’s going to make you a doctor’s appointment. The watch will let you know when you should schedule an appointment (based on not-so-great health results from your heart rate) and may be able to send your health stats to your doctors. According to Forbes and Reuters, The Mayo Clinic is working on these features with Apple.

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Apple_Apple iOS8_Apple Health Apple HealthKit
Apple’s new iOS8 operating system, which drops Friday and is compatible with the new iPhone 6, has a healthier focus.

1. The iPhone 6’s new health app is like Flywheel bike’s data pack for your whole life. You can allow HealthKit, the new health app on the iPhone 6, to take information from other third-party apps—like ones that track how many steps you’ve taken or monitor your sleep—to gather it all in one place. (It can eventually be synced with your Apple Watch.)

2. Use it to create emergency details on your phone. You can create an emergency card with your blood type and allergies that will appear on your lock screen (good news for heat and crowd exhaustion you might get at the Apple store this weekend?). Or for those long training runs.

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