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Gillian Gorman
Gillian Gorman is bring sweaty Vinyasa-style yoga to the Berkshires

About a year ago, yoga teacher and massage therapist Gillian Gorman got an entrepreneurial itch. The New York City instructor decided to decamp to the Berkshires to open her own studio in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The fruits of her labor, Radiance Yoga, just opened.

Gorman is living the dream, so we recently tracked her down to learn more about her country idyll and how it’s suited to a city slicker.

First, we have do ask, do you miss New York City?
Of course! New York’s been home for close to a decade and where I studied with some of the world’s most phenomenal yoga teachers. I miss taking a yoga class downtown, walking to buy fresh veggie juice, then hopping on a train for lunch at Angelica’s while reading an obscure novel I found at my local bookstore in Brooklyn! New York City is a wild and stimulating world.

Kripalu aside, what’s the yoga-scene like up in the Berkshires?
The scene is quite diverse with a lean towards Anusara and Kripalu-style yoga—just a few vinyasa teachers and studios. So the Berkshires is a ripe place to create a heated vinyasa home, especially due to the New England chilly factor.

Radiance Yoga

You’ve been a yoga teacher and massage therapist at many of NYC’s best studios. What were the big surprises in creating your own studio, Radiance Yoga?
At first, building a yoga studio appeared to be simple. But it’s far more complex than a spacious room with a hard wood floor. Like getting the heating right! The most important thing I learned was not to sweat the details. A surprise: I’ve learned to love marketing, and I’m learning how to foster a desire for yoga in communities brand new to the practice.

The Berkshires have the reputation of catering to an older Tanglewood crowd. Tell us why NYC yogis who aren’t yet wearing bi-focals should visit?
It’s a traveling yogi’s dream! There are great yoga studios—plus spectacular nature hikes, bike rides, local artisans, farmers markets, and delicious eateries, Mass Moca, plus summer festivals and fall events. The Berkshires area is phenomenal. —Alexia Brue

Radiance Yoga, 401 North Street, Pittsfield, MA,