A watermelon smoothie, just in time for July 4th weekend

photo: Torkil Stavdal

Our favorite smoothie mixologist Jeanette Bronee (who’s a nutritionist, not a bartender by the way) just concocted this deliciously simple watermelon smoothie, or liquid sorbet as she calls it.

Here’s how to make it:

Put cubed watermelon in a blender. Press the button. Garnish or blend with peppermint leaves if you have them.

If only all recipes were this easy! For one large glass you’ll need about 3 cups of cubed watermelon, suggests Bronee, depending on how much ice you add. It’s more refreshing than sorbet (no added sugar) and has only 45 kcal per cup.

To read about watermelon’s nutritional benefits, check out PathforLifeFood.com, the sumptuous blog on healthy food that she and her photographer husband publish.

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