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Degree-RibbonSure, socks and a sports bra are easy to remember. But what’s inside the gym bag of an expert trainer? Turns out, an entire duffle bag’s worth of tips and tricks to keep your hydration, skin care, and keeping-it-cool situation on lock.

We peeked inside the carry-all of Amanda Kloots, the former Broadway dancer and current mastermind behind The Rope at New York City’s Studio B, the calorie-blasting class she created around one tool: the jump rope. The custom method combines cardio intervals, dance moves (she is an ex-Rockette, after all), and toning exercises that utilize your own body weight for a total-body sweat session.

“Most people give themselves an hour a day to work out, right? My approach, then, is to kill it,” Kloots explains, who makes sure to pack calming and fresh-smelling go-to’s to always keep her cool and protected. “Get everything done in one hour so that you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Challenge yourself, and work harder than you think you can.”

In other words, Kloots knows how amp up the intensity of a workout. And she applies that same hyper-focus to pack the perfect gym bag.

Scroll down to find out what Kloots packs to kill it in class, then transition to the rest of her day seamlessly.

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Photo: Degree
Photo: Degree

Degree Women Dry Spray Deodorant, $4.99

“I always keep Degree deodorant in my bag! I like to make sure I smell good for all my clients. It’s important to remain protected for an entire day of training.”


Photo: Sakara
Photo: Sakara

Sakara Beauty Water, $24 (for a pack of four)

“This water is infused with rose, silica, and trace minerals that calm your adrenal glands and help your cells to soak up water. A perfect way to stay hydrated!”


Photo: Chimes
Photo: Chimes

Chimes Ginger Chews, $5.99

“I like to keep these in my bag at all times to freshen my breath, and ginger is great for inflammation.”


Photo: Caudalie
Photo: Caudalie

Caudalie Grape Water, $22

“I love giving my face a little spray and rehydration in between sessions. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized when sweating all day!”


Photo: Reebok
Photo: Reebok

Reebok Premium Speed Rope, $26.99

“When I found out that jump-roping burns more calories than running and swimming, I started working on my jump-rope skills.  This is always in my bag, [because] it’s the best way to get in a quick calorie burn.”

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