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Photo: Apple

Apple has been revolutionizing technology for years (remember when the idea of a touchscreen tablet was reserved for The Jetsons?) and its latest launch is no exception.

At the brand’s eagerly anticipated—and highly secretive—annual event, Apple announced its new line of products and software—including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which will be released September 16.

But possibly the most-talked-about feature? The noticeable lack of a headphone jack in the new models. Instead, they are outfitted with Apple-official wireless headphones, AKA AirPods.

Photo: Apple

They essentially look like your regular Apple headphones, but with the cord cut off—think: old-school bluetooth phone, but much chicer. (Imagine all of the app-filled HIIT moves you can do without wires to get in your way!)

Besides the streamlined new design, the removal of the iPhone’s headphone jack also allows the device to become water-resistant—finally. So, no more mad dashes for cover at the first sign of sprinkles when you’re on a run.

Although AirPods won’t be available until late October for individual purchase, you can still pick up the iPhone 7 and Plus when they are released next week.

While the concept of wireless headphones isn’t exactly a new idea, Apple has been a trendsetter in technology for so many years that’s only a matter of time until all brands start creating wireless options.

In addition to the new iPhone and headphones, Apple has also introduced the completely waterproof Apple Watch 2—featuring the new Sweat with Kayla app!—and a special Nike+ Apple Watch designed specifically for runners. As for these newfangled wireless headphones: it’ll take some getting used to. Hands-free is a wonderful thing, as long as they stay put in your ears during cardio.

Even if you don’t get the phone right away, make sure your current phone is all filled up—with apps to kickstart your meditation practice, and W+G readers’ favorite at-home workout apps.