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Bari expands outside New York with two new studios opening this spring

The popular cardio-sculpting fitness brand is headed to Newport Beach, California, and Summit, New Jersey.
Bari Studio
Bari Studio (Photo:


Bari Studio announced today that it’s stretching its resistance bands outside of New York this spring, and opening two new studios in Newport Beach, California, and Summit, New Jersey.

The popular cardio-sculpting fitness brand opened its first Tribeca studio in April 2011. Since then, Bari’s gone through a few workout iterations before really finding its groove—and a huge following. And the brand has really hustled, introducing new class variations, a high-tech fitness tracking system, a food program, pop-up studios, and a hot Hamptons location. In 2013, the studio clientele doubled in size.

Now founder Alexandra Bonetti Perez is going where her clients are clamoring loudest. “We got a significant number of requests from current clients who are Newport and Summit natives, from people who’ve visited us in the city, and from our online community who want to experience Bari first-hand,” she says.

Bonetti Perez adds that the two towns also have two characteristics that meld perfectly with Bari’s brand: a strong sense of community and health-conscious residents. (Not to mention a penchant for trampolines, ceiling bungees, and workout data?)

Bari expects to open the California location on April 1 and the New Jersey studio on May 1. Both will have the same amenities as the Tribeca studio. “This year we’ll be growing our retail and Bari Food Society offerings, too, so those will have a larger presence in all studios,” Bonetti Perez says.

“We can’t wait to impact as many people as possible,” she gushes. Especially in their fat-burning zones. —Lisa Elaine Held

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