BFX introduces a unique solution to January gym crowds

A new "premium reservation" program allows you to book your solo workout time, so there's no waiting for treadmills or weight machines.
 (Photo: BFX)

BFX has always blurred the line between gym and boutique fitness studio, and it’s doing it again with a new “premium reservation” program that allows people to book private time working out alone on treadmills and weight machines.

While the Chelsea studio primarily offers group classes, BFX Private Access offers hour-long time slots in the gym area currently used primarily for personal training sessions. Think of it as an antidote to crowded gyms that often include lines (and a lot of foot-tapping standing around) to use equipment like weights and treadmills this time of year.

“This is for people who value their time, want the best equipment, and don’t want to worry about waiting,” says Town Sports International (which owns BFX) CEO Bob Giardina. “I expect people from other gyms as well as boutiques wanting the exclusivity and privacy.”

Here’s how it works: You book an hour session for $30, and BFX guarantees there will be a maximum of 10 people working out in the same area, where you’ll find high-end equipment like Woodway treadmills, VersaClimbers, Technogym weight machines, free weights, and functional training props like kettlebells.

Of course, $30 per hour is a pretty steep price for time spent working out alone, and at a handful of gyms, you could get a monthly membership for the same price. But in New York City, there are bound to be those for whom the value of an uncrowded space and guaranteed access to swank equipment is worth it, especially at the Financial District location expected to open soon. —Lisa Elaine Held

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