Can you tell the difference between stress and anxiety?

Five things you should know about how the two really compare—and affect your health.
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HuffingtonPost It’s safe to assume that most of us have experienced stress in one form or another, whether it’s a deadline at work, a family conflict or an important decision. The constricting, chest-pressing fear can feel never ending and can put us into a state of unrest.

With stressful elements churning in our minds, it can be difficult to sort out how we’re feeling, and more importantly, what level of stress we’re experiencing. It’s human nature to exaggerate, so there are many times when we claim we feel something more than we actually do. Enter (often false) statements like “This situation is giving me anxiety.” and “This whole thing is going to make me have a panic attack.

So how can we tell when our stress is actually yielding to these conditions? Keep reading to find out…

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