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Cheat Sheet: Expert advice for your best fall running season yet

Expert solutions to all kinds of running challenges—whether you're training for a marathon or are lacing up your sneakers for your first ever mile.
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Fall is for runners what summer is for surfers—the perfect season to get outside and do what you love. Think crisp, cool air and races galore.

And whether you’re training for a fall marathon or are lacing up your sneakers for the first time, we’ve got the tips and tricks you’ll need to find your stride this season.

Check out the expert advice, below, on a variety of running topics—and we’ll see you on the sidewalk.

1. Running Rx: What to do when your workout wrecks your toenails
Runners need their toenails. New York podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine shares her tips for keeping them—and tending to them when they’re black-and-blue, or worse.

2. The fit person’s guide to running your first Half Marathon (with training plan!)
New to long-distance running but not the gym? City Coach founder Jonathan Cane gave us this 10-week downloadable guide and tips for running your first race.

3. 5 simple tricks that will make you a better runner
Turns out you could be inadvertently tripping up your run with bad form. Here’s how to know—and how to correct it.

4. The super important training component that most runners ignore
Born to Run coach Eric Orton says that all runners face an unexplored issue that affects absolutely everything: weak feet.

5. Why you should make arnica your running buddy
Many a marathoner has trained with this all-natural pain reliever. You probably should, too. Here are five arnica salves we love.

6. Marathon mania: Should running 26.2 really be your goal?
In the past, elite runners did marathons. Now, it’s a fitness bucket list item for the rest of us. We investigate the good and the bad of the marathon boom.

7. Understanding the surprising new research on barefoot running
A new study says that barefoot runners don’t always land on their forefoot. We checked in with master run coach and exercise physiologist Jonathan Cane for his thoughts on how runners can interpret…

8. True or false: Marathoners can eat whatever they want
Have you ever flirted with the idea of doing a marathon, so you could eat whatever you want?

9. Running a little may be better than running a lot
According to new research, when it comes to reaping the benefits of running, moderation may win out.