Class Action: A-List Body Bootcamp by Terri Walsh

Terri Walsh is a pricey celeb trainer. But her month-long A-List Body Bootcamp, launching May 1, gives the less than 1% access to her kick-butt A.R.T. Method.
Terri Walsh
Terri Walsh, celeb trainer and founder of the A.R.T. Method

Fitness classes follow fashion. The city’s gyms and studios constantly launch new “It” classes. In Class Action we dish on what we’re trying, or what we really want to. And please tell us what classes you’re excited about in the Comments section, below!

Terri Walsh is one of New York’s most expensive trainers. But her A-List Body Bootcamp, launching on May 1, gives the less than 1 percent access to her celeb-coveted A.R.T. method (active resistance training).

The boot camp is five days a week for four weeks, and participants (up to ten) start with an initial fitness assessment. Classes get harder each week, and body measurements are taken throughout.

In class, you rotate through 12 stations arranged with mats, blocks, and weights. The stations cover cardio (burpees and jumping jacks), strength training (chest presses and bicep curls), and core strength (tons of mountain climbers). You stay at each station for 90 seconds and then do a second 60-second circuit. After that, Walsh throws in some surprises (like interminable wall sits).

Through it all, Walsh is circling the room correcting form and making sure you’re activating the resistance points in the body that the A.R.T method emphasizes. She says this will allow you to focus your energy where it’s needed. For example, she improved my chest press by showing me how to press my feet into the ground and tuck my navel in.

Walsh’s expertise is in pushing you beyond your limits without sacrificing safety—all while hopping around dancing and fist-pumping like a teenager (“It’s okay! I’m from Jersey!). It’s a nice distraction from the sweat dripping into your eyes and the shaking of your exhausted muscles.—Lisa Elaine Held

Know before you go: Despite the price tag, the building is decrepit, and not in a charming pre-war way. The stairs feel like they’re one footstep away from collapsing, and graffiti decorates the hallway. The studio itself is slightly better, but it’s a far cry from, say, David Kirsch’s Madison Square Club.

Who’s it for: Brides and those with beach plans, who want a serious body revamp.

Book it or skip it: Book it.

A-List Body Bootcamp, 424 Broadway, 6th floor; $600 for 4-weeks, 5 days per week (starting May 1). For more info or to book, visit

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