Class Action: BariHybrid at Bari Studio

Bari is blowing up with new studios, a food program, and more. We tried the hot class that combines three of the popular workouts at the thriving Tribeca studio.
The Bari Studio in Tribeca with its heart-rate monitor board.
The Bari Studio in Tribeca with its heart-rate monitor board.

Tribeca’s Bari Studio has been very busy lately, launching an in-studio food program, expanding their selection of cute workout tanks, tricking out a new Hamptons location, rolling out pop-up studios, and more. And since they’ve also made lots of tweaks to their method, we stopped by to see what’s different about the workout, too.

Bari offers a menu of classes, but BariHybrid, which we sweat-tested, gives you a taste of each.

It starts with the dance cardio sequences you’d find in BariMacro, which thankfully aren’t so tricky that you trip all over yourself or so slow that you barely raise your heart beat. (We’ve had both happen to us.)

Then we rolled out the trampolines, featured in BariBounce. The trampoline combos keep your heart rates elevated (and your mind engaged). And there’s an arms sculpting section with weights and overhead resistance bands plus a few tough balance poses. Think Warrior III with your hands reaching out with resistance bands and your standing foot on the unstable trampoline.

All this leads to the grand finale, and muscle toning you’d get in BariMicro, like arm sequences with light weights that you pump to the beat, followed by butt toning (interminable leg lifts!), and core work.

In a novel move, the studio just added a heart rate-monitor-based tracking system, so you’ll see how hard you’re actually working, and get an honest read on how many calories you’re really burning. (Bari emails you a detailed chart of your results.)

The takeaway: It’s an all-over toning workout that’s also a blast. That also had a lot to do with instructor, Kara Griffin, who expertly straddled the performer-instructor line, inspiring us with her moves and leading us with clear cues. She made us all feel like we were nailing the moves, even if that wasn’t quite true. —Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Those looking for total-body workout with serious fun factor. Dance cardio lovers.  Sculpting junkies. Those who like performance data.

$35 per class, 23 Leonard St., Tribeca, plus pop-up locations in Soho, Murray Hill, and East Hampton,

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