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Body Space Fitness

Body Space Fitness, which opened just last year, is known for its personal and small-group training, but it also hosts a few group classes, including the signature Body Camp, a functional circuit training class that makes you feel like you’re part of a team sport again.

The class is taught by Katherine Simmons, who goes by “Kado,” and acts more like your favorite softball coach than a trainer, as she leads you through intervals on an indoor astroturf field. It’s no wonder—she was a star college lacrosse player and high school soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse coach.

The class starts with a “movement prep” section, which involves ten reps each of warm-up moves. Then, we moved through a strength circuit in pairs (hello stranger!), spending 45 seconds at five stations, like reverse lunges and TRX rows.

After moving through the strength series twice, we tackled the Tabata-inspired metabolic circuit, where Simmons instructed us to “empty the tank” during 20 second bursts of battle ropes, kettlebell carries, and Bosu burpees.

Simmons offers lots of individual attention and corrections (since classes are capped at 10) and her casual, fun vibe is infectious. A consequence being I ended up not pushing myself as hard as I could have. But I was much more sore than I anticipated the next day, and regular classes would definitely lead to serious functional strength—and friends. (Letter jacket not included.)

Who’s it for: Former jocks, anyone looking for a fun, social, kick-butt workout

Body Space Fitness, 47 West 14th Street, 5th Floor, Union Square, $30 per class,