Class Action: Decathlon at Crunch

This class will literally get you pumped up for the upcoming London Olympics with 10 athlete training regimens—and a healthy dose of competition.

Fitness classes follow fashion. The city’s gyms and studios constantly launch new “It” classes. In Class Action we dish on what we’re trying, or what we really want to. And please tell us what classes you’re excited about in the Comments section, below!

Vladimir Crunch

One of Crunch’s newest classes, Decathlon, will get you pumped up (literally) for the upcoming London Olympics. It offers a workout based on athlete training regimens—and it pits you against your fellow class goers for medals (well, a gift card) at the end of the summer.

Decathlon, taught by long-time Crunch instructor Vladmir Bermudez (he’s also a senior research scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering!), changes its routine each week based on a different summer Olympic sport. Aquatics week will build upper-body strength, for example, while gymnastics week will focus on flexibility.

I tested it out on track and field day, and Bermudez was a tough coach. We ran in place at intense speeds, like, say, a 100-meter dash. We also lifted javelin-inspired weighted bars over our heads, and simulated a shot put motion with weights. The upper-body work was so intense that I couldn’t get through all of it without a break, and there was no shortage of cardio either.

At the end, we competed in a running-lifting-lunging burpee sequence and the last two standing who hadn’t “cheated” moved on to race on tricked out Indo-Row machines. Bermudez tracked their distances so that he’ll be able to declare a winner when it’s all over. And yes, We Are The Champions was playing during the hardest stretch. —Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Shawn Johnson and Michael Phelps wannabes.

Book it or skip it: Book it.

Crunch 59th Street, 1109 Second Ave., Midtown East; Mondays at 6:45 p.m.,

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