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Class Action: Integrated Strength with Dr. Emily Splichal at Crunch

Catwalk Confidence creator and celeb podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal teaches a barefoot-training class that tones your body from the toes up.
Dr. Emily Splichal
Dr. Emily Splichal teaching a class that focuses on feet as the foundation for all-over strength.

Celeb podiatrist and author Dr. Emily Splichal is known for her programs that help women recover from Stiletto damage and walk confidently—and safely—in heels. Her class at Crunch’s swanky 34th Street location (that used to be Club H) puts the focus on your feet to tone your body—from your toes on up.

Dr. Splichal emphasizes the role your feet play in creating the foundation for all manner of movement, so you’ll shed your shoes to feel the way your foot flexes and offers feedback during the workout.

Class starts with standing sequences that require you to perch on one foot and use your balance during segues from side lunges into sumo squats, and from Warrior III into one-legged squats. “One of the most effective ways to strengthen the foot, knee, glutes, and core is to be on a single leg,” Dr. Splichal says.

You’ll also plant both feet and balance on your toes and get your heart rate up with some plyometric jumps. And floor sequences work on building core and upper-body strength. Think planks, side planks, leg lifts, crunches, and very slow push-ups.

The class gets you sweating way more than a Pilates mat class and would be a great addition to a weekly workout routine that stresses the body. The balance and agility Integrated Strength teaches will help you move through tougher training—and walking through life—with more poise and less injury.

Who’s it for: High-heel wearers. Pilates mat lovers who want to move a little more. Anyone working on posture, balance, or core strength.

Crunch Gym, 222 East 34th St, Monday 6:15 p.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m., members only,