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Class Action: Loren Bassett’s Hot Power Yoga at Pure Yoga

Complaining about the cold? Bassett's yoga class will bring your body to a temperature that will make you want to run outside in your sports bra.
Loren Bassett
Don’t be fooled by her sweet yogi smile. Bassett’s known for her popular four-week Bassett’s Boot Camp, in which plank is the resting pose.


Complaining about the cold? Loren Bassett’s Hot Power Yoga, which she teaches at Pure Yoga’s Upper East Side studio, will bring your body to a temperature that will make you want to run outside in your sports bra.

Bassett elevates power yoga to a new level of athleticism. The 100-degree room is usually packed with her devotees, and she keeps the lights dim and the music loud and invigorating.

Most of the class is spend in fast-paced vinyasa sequences, with little to no rest. Instead of getting five breaths in downward dog, you’ll be flipping your dog into “rock star” pose repeatedly, and she throws in difficult poses like handstands and half moons—and makes you hold them—as if they’re as simple as triangle. As your sweat production crescendos, so will the music, and that’s your sign that a grueling ab sequence is about to begin.

This class would be incredibly difficult at a normal temperature. And keeping the pace in the heat can feel near impossible. (Unlike in Bikram yoga, where the lack of cardio allows you more space to breathe.)

But Bassett, as a quiet, understated guide, pushes you through in her soft, reassuring voice, encouraging you to stay in the room (like most hot instructors do) and offering practical spiritual insights. You will be absolutely drenched in sweat after—but you’ll feel like you can tackle every life issue you’ve been putting off. And you’ll want to go back. —Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Athletic yogis, jocks who want to try yoga, fans of hot-room workouts

Pure Yoga East, members only,