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Class Action: PXT at Pure Yoga

(Photo: Pure Yoga)
(Photo: Pure Yoga)


Pure Yoga’s new conditioning class, PXT, is an hour that really has it all, workout wise. The class, designed by tough, popular yogi Loren Bassett, combines intense, effective interval training with the self-care benefits (both physical and mental) of yoga—and the end result is pretty seamless (and sweaty).

Class, which is offered unheated or in a balmy 90-degree room, starts with a vinyasa warm-up, where you’ll flow through a few sun salutations at a moderate pace.

Then, the lights and music come up and you launch into 40 minutes of heart-pounding, boot-camp-style one-minute intervals. We did lunges with bicep curls, step-ups with the medicine ball, squat variations, and intensely difficult core moves on the gliders, like pikes and mountain climbers.

The tough training ends with a “challenge,” where you move through a set of exercises, decreasing reps from eight to one, competing against your classmates to get to the finish line.

By the time you reach the yoga cool down, you need it, and it delivers. Tight and tired muscles are treated to deep stretches like pigeon and lizard. My instructor, Julia Stephens (whose yoga cuing and pushes during plyometrics were equally skillful), even walked around and doled out glorious yoga massages, so that by the time the hour was up, I barely remembered what my body had been through. The next day, however, I remembered. —Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Yogis who want to get in more cardio and strength training, workout fiends whose bodies need a little yoga love, fitness omnivores.

PXT at Pure Yoga, 204 W. 77th St., Upper West Side and 203 E. 86th St., Upper East Side, $35 for non-members, $30 for members, Free for premium members,