Class Action: Training Camp with Holly Rilinger

Camaraderie and a kick-ass workout are the secrets to Training Camp's success.

Fitness classes follow fashion. The city’s gyms and studios constantly launch new “It” classes. In Class Action we dish on what we’re trying, or what we really want to. And please tell us what classes you’re excited about in the Comments section, below!

boot camp in New York Holly Rilinger

Lots of popular New York City trainers run their own personal boot camps that meet in parks and on piers. These one-woman or one-man roving gyms have become a serious fitness force, providing a compelling reason to leave the gym.

Holly Rilinger is one of the elite few who’s turned hers into a veritable brand called Training Camp. (Maybe you’ve seen the t-shirts?) Rilinger, if you’ve never taken one of her packed Flywheel classes, is a 5’4″ former professional basketball player who’s now a Nike master trainer when she’s not volunteering in the Congo to teacher African girls physical education. She’s a hard-bodied mensch with Hollywood charisma.

Holly Rilinger
Holly Rilinger high-fives a Training Camper.

Training Camp runs in month-long, ten-class blocks—the next one begins September 20. Rilinger’s modeled her hour-long sessions after the preseason training that got her into game shape when she was a professional athlete.

The recent session I attended in the Hamptons included speed work around an outdoor track, body weight resistance exercises in a sand pit, lots of core work, and some relay and partner drills. There was also lots of clapping, dancing, high-fiving, and laughing. I couldn’t help but think if my high-school gym teacher had been anything like Rilinger, my commitment to fitness would have come much earlier in life.

The hour-long workout left me sore two days later and ready for more. Rilinger gives 110 percent and so did I. —Alexia Brue

Who’s it for: Outdoor boot camp enthusiasts who want to take it to the next level. Those who like camaraderie with their result-oriented workouts.

Book it or skip it: Book it.

A one-month session is $450 (begins September 20). Visit for locations and details.



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