Class Action: Vinyasa Yoga at Y7 Studio

Brooklyn's challenging new hot yoga studio follows a mantra of "heat, music, and darkness."

hot yoga studio

Y7, a newcomer to the city’s hot yoga scene, recently opened its permanent Williamsburg studio, on North 1st Street and Wythe Avenue—right in the neighborhood’s new health nexus, near Brooklyn Bodyburn, SoulCyle, Sync Studio, and Tiny Empire.

It’s a small, loft-style studio devoid of any design details (AKA basically a tiny empty room) with space for ten yoga mats max. But Y7 surprised us with its innovative, challenging flow that follows a mantra of “heat, music, and darkness,” to use owner Mason Levey’s phrase. This translates to rapid fire sun salutations set to hip-hop beats sans lighting.

We flowed quickly through creative vinyasa sequences, led by (the lovely) Dina Ivas, who also teaches at Equinox and The Yoga Room. The rocking set list, which included classics like “E.I.” by Nelly, “Money Maker” by Ludacris, and “If I Ruled the World” by Nas, helps you push through the heat-intensified cardio. After each sequence, Ivas asks everyone to flow at their own pace, and move to the beat of your own breath. (A mini reprieve.)

Toward the end of the 60-minute class, Ivas introduced a “slow burn” sequence that involved holding poses—like eagle and side angle—for fifteen or more breaths (hello quivering quads). At the end, we were flush-faced, drenched in sweat, and totally blissed out.

Levey hopes to spread the unique yoga style and open more small studios in the future, which is good news for yogis who like their yoga hot and their hip hop loud. —Jamie McKillop and Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Yogis who want a workout or love hip hop, SoulCycle and Flywheel devotees who are motivated by music and want to do some yoga, Bikram regulars looking to shake things up

Need to know detail: The bathroom is shared with other tenants and there’s no shower. Bring wipes.

88 North 1st Street at Wythe Avenue, Suite 13, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, $22 per class,

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