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Harmless HarvestLook out Zico, there’s a new coconut water in town.

While all of the big-name boxed coconut water brands were embroiled in electrolyte brew-ha-ha this summer, Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Organic Coconut Water bottles quietly appeared on the shelves at Whole Foods.

The coconut water is the first product from Harmless Harvest, a small company obsessed with preserving the “raw nutritional integrity of sustainably wild-harvested plant products.”

What they mean is: the coconut water is not pasteurized.

Instead, Harmless Harvest uses a technology that applies thousands of pounds of pressure to its raw, organic product without ever heating it.

“Bacteria react in the same way they do in traditional pasteurization except the chemical structure flavor and nutrients stay the same,” the company claims.

We weren’t able to test the product’s nutrient levels, but we sure loved the nutty flavor. With the exception of sipping straight from a coconut, it was probably the most delicious coconut water we’ve tried. Would you give it a try?

Harmless Harvest is currently available at Whole Foods locations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut,