Dave Asprey thinks we can live to at least 180—and Bulletproof our ice cream

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Photo: The Bulletproof Diet

When Bulletproof OG Dave Asprey said to put butter in our morning brew, we listened. (And loved it.) Now, the Silicon Valley techie-turned-biohacker says we should all plan to live to be at least 180 years old. (It may seem like a long time to spend on earth, but don’t worry—he tells FoodBev he’s got plenty of coffee kits and an ice cream kit to help keep the time sweet.)

On this morning’s WNYC Note to Self podcast, Asprey spent nine super-charged minutes telling host Manoush Zomorodi about his plans to die “when he wants,” saying the goal is to get to 180. “I’m not saying that mildly or as a crazy person,” he insists. While it may sound crazy, Asprey has spent the last few years—and hundreds of thousands of dollars—hacking his own health so he can do precisely that.

“If we created a world where everyone was running at their optimum, it would be a really amazing world.”

“Nothing else matters when you don’t have your health,” he tells Zomorodi. “But what I learned after I fixed my health was, ‘Screw that noise, who wants to be healthy?’ What we really want is to feel amazing and have boundless energy and be able to bring it all day every day. And almost no one has that. That’s how we’re supposed to feel.”

In his pursuit of bringing it all day, every day, Asprey does regular blood tests, monitors his brain waves, measures his sleep quality, evaluates his heart rate variability, and wears special glasses to optimally filter light, because he says his body doesn’t respond well to fluorescent lights.

And when you reach your level of peak performance? Not only can you take over the world—at least until you’re 180—but you’ll also be a better person, according to Asprey.

“I believe that when people have enough energy, they have the opportunity to have a lot more personal growth,” he says. “If we did that for everyone—created a world where everyone was running at their optimum—it would be a really amazing world. That’s what I’m working to create.” BYOB. (Butter, that is.)

What can mere mortals do to reach a high-performance state? Here’s what Asprey suggests…

Get Started

1. Download an app that tracks sleep.

“It will tell you how many times you toss and turn and how well you slept, and it’ll wake you up when you’re near the top of your sleep cycle,” Asprey says. (No more being jolted awake in the middle of a dream about Ryan Gosling—or striped K-Deer leggings.)

2. Install software (and get a scratch protector) on your phone that will dim the screen to block harmful forms of blue light.

“If you want to not get cancer, have fewer bright lights at night,” he says. (Studies have shown that looking at your iPhone or laptop, for example, can torpedo your sleep quality and lead to serious health issues.)

3. Eat fat first to help feel fully satisfied and to get in touch with the difference between hunger and cravings.

“It doesn’t have to be hard,” he says. “It’s not supposed to be a struggle. It’s about looking at data and controlling the environment around you until it’s effortless. Life is supposed to be that way.”

When it comes to healthy fats, yummy choices abound, like these three easy avocado recipes and this avocado-kale smoothie, from the Standard Spa in Miami Beach.

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