David Kirsch dishes on working out with Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and David Kirsch self logo We recently spotted Heidi Klum lunging down the West Side Highway in New York City with celebrity trainer David Kirsch. This got us wondering: Are walking lunges the key to the 38-year-old mother-of-four’s killer bod?

We went straight to Kirsch, her trainer of 10 years (who has also worked with Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler), to find out.

SELFYStars: Heidi tweeted that she was lunging with you down the West Side Highway. What are the benefits of walking lunges?
Kirsch: Walking lunges are great for your legs and butt.

SELFYStars: Last week, Klum was seen running with Brooklyn Decker. Does she have a new plan or a new goal?
Kirsch: Heidi runs every summer. This summer, she teamed up with her new AOL lifestyle website to host her ‘Summer Run.’ I’ve been running with her 4 miles a day to get to her goal (to run every day this summer), and we are encouraging others to get outside and do the same!

Keep reading to find out what Heidi’s workout attitude is…

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