Derek Beres wants to help you heal your broken heart—with yoga

What does dealing with a breakup look like in a yoga class? Derek Beres wants to show you.

broken heart yogaEver done something really stupid right after a breakup? Yoga instructor Derek Beres can relate.

After his new marriage of 9 months ended this summer, the Los Angeles-based yogi was left with the powerful feeling that he “needed to do something to feel better. And I realized that’s exactly when we all do really dumb, really unhelpful things,” he says.

So this weekend, at Strala Yoga in New York, Beres will be teaching a visiting workshop on transitions—in life and on the mat—one of the more helpful outlets for processing the loss of a meaningful relationship.

Instead of getting right into another romance or reviving a binge shopping habit, Beres’s class will focus your feelings on challenging poses, like pigeon, which “reinforces being okay with discomfort” or on half moon twist thatkeeps your mind on the moment.”

derek beres
Derek Beres, who teaches in Los Angeles, brings his heartbreak-mending class to New York

But the class will really put the spotlight on transitions between the poses, which Beres says is where healing the heartbreak takes place.

“Just paying attention to one pose and then next is like walking and texting. You’ve lost awareness about how you got somewhere,” says Beres. “Even though it’s incredibly painful to be in a life transition, diving into the pain gives you something to grow from.”

So instead of going into thoughts like ‘Why is this happening to me?!’ or ‘What’s wrong with me?” you might walk out of the workshop feeling a bit more ease, grace, and understanding.

And that’s a kind of closure in itself. —Melisse Gelula

Transitions: Exploring Yoga’s In-Between Spaces with Derek Beres, Saturday November 17,  1:00–3:30pm, $40, Strala Yoga, 632 Broadway, btwn Houston and Bleecker, 6th Fl, Soho, or

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