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Photo: Stocksy/Jonathan Caramanus

When you consider the constant habits of checking work email, Instagramming everything you’re doing outside of the office, liking friends’ engagement and baby photos on Facebook, and monitoring your wearable to keep track of your workouts, sleep, and even the way you’re breathing, cutting ties with tech sounds pretty damn exhilarating.

And in New York City’s Times Square, you can add noise, crowds, and insane furry Elmos to your baseline level of tech-induced anxiety. So it makes sense that multiple hotels within walking distance are offering packages specifically meant to help you completely recharge—one even asks you to surrender your phone upon arrival.

The digital-detox approach to R&R is part of a larger trend in travel that has top hotels offering more and more wellness amenities—everything from in-room workout equipment to running concierges and good-for-you extras designed by functional medicine guru Frank Lipman, MD.

These NYC getaways (or staycations) have a specific wellness goal in mind: taming information overload. But if you’re more of a nester lately (we feel ya), you can always do it DIY-style: Here’s some expert advice on how to do a news detox without missing anything major.

Read on for some serious hotel inspo to help you consciously uncouple from the smartphone glued to your hand.

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Photo: Royalton

Royalton’s Fireplace Package

The hotel partnered with independent bookstore McNally Jackson to curate a library of books guests can curl up with in their suites, which—wait for it—also includes a wood-burning fireplace. The “fireplace package” includes a $75 food and drink credit toward a specially curated menu, and a late checkout. (Because what’s a digital detox without being able to sleep in?)

Royalton, 44 West 44th St., New York, NY 10036, (212) 869-4400, Price: $729.

Park Hyatt
Photo: The Park Hyatt New York

Park Hyatt New York’s in-room meditation sessions

This week, meditation studio MNDFL announced that it was expanding to the Upper East Side and Brooklyn, but opening new spaces isn’t the only way they are helping more people stay grounded. The studio has also partnered with Park Hyatt New York to lead one-on-one meditations with hotel guests in the privacy of their own rooms.

Park Hyatt New York, 153 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019, (646) 774-1234, Price: $225 

Mandarin Hotel
Photo: Mandarin Oriental New York

Mandarin Oriental New York’s Digital Wellness Escape

Want something more hardcore? Mandarin Oriental recently partnered with Mayo Clinic to create a digital detox package for guests who need an extra push in disconnecting from technology. Step one: surrendering your phone at the front desk. (Yes, really.) Step two: Since it’s totally normal to feel fidgety without your phone, the hotel spa is offering plenty of low-tech activities including mindful journaling, coloring, meditating, letter writing, or simply sitting in silence. (Each activity is enhanced by crystals, meditation pillows, and soothing teas and oils.)

Mandarin Oriental New York, 80 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023, (212) 805-8800,, Price: $240 on weekdays and $250 on weekends for a 50 minute spa treatment; $325 on weekdays and $345 on weekends for an 80 minute spa treatment. 

Before you go off the grid for a day, here’s how to prepare. And if you’re on a budget, here’s how to plan a day of happiness at home.

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