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Summer in the city: Download your ultimate wellness guide today

Ready, set, go! Download your free Summer Wellness Guide here and get ready for your best (and healthiest) summer yet.

Come summer in the city, and everything moves outdoors—from yoga and Pilates classes to dinner with friends.

The parks and piers turn into yoga studios, bridges become running routes and boot camp bases, and rivers recruit casual sailors and triathletes. And that’s just the beginning.

To help you take advantage of the city’s rich summer wellness options, we created our inaugural New York City Summer Wellness Guide.

This carefully curated 20-page PDF, a comprehensive insider’s guide to getting real with your tree pose and jumping outside of your comfort zone and into a kayak or a running club.

Here’s what else you’ll find inside:

Outdoor Yoga • The Best Boot Camps

Healthy Outdoor Dining • Running Clubs

Summer Skin-Care • Summer-Only Adventure

The Ultimate Summer Playlist • Summer Races

Healthy Hamptons • and more!!

Ready, set, go! Download the guide here and get ready for your best (and healthiest) summer yet.


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