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Event recap: evian’s “Live Young, Get Fit!” workout in NYC



Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner toasts the Brooklyn Bridge with, what else, a chilled bottle of evian.

The Bravo fitness expert lead a one-hour workout for New Yorkers at Beekman’s Beer Garden on Saturday, June 9.

Fifty fitness VIPs—as well as a contest winners—stormed the sand at South Street Seaport and learned how to “chase the burn” Jackie Warner style! Check out the workout!

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Get Started

Workout settings don’t get much more iconic than this. The East River, the Brooklyn Bridge, the ever more gorgeous skyline of DUMBO (hello Jane’s Carousel!) provided dreamy distraction for attendees between an infinite number of push-ups and planks.

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good



Jackie Warner demonstrating a move for the group.

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The arm portion of the workout incorporated resistance bands.

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good


Jackie Warner included lots of killer tricep work. The day after, attendees took to Twitter to compare soreness.

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good


Alexia Brue (left) and Melisse Gelula (right), co-founders of Well+Good, attempted to smile in between sets of tricep dips.

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good


Jackie Warner demos the perfect lunge. Does yours look like that? Neither does ours.

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good



After the workout, Jackie Warner answered questions from the audience and from tweets sent to @evianwater #AskJackie.

People asked Warner about her own workouts (turns out even Warner gets bored working out and invents fun ways around fitness ennui), what she thinks of weights versus cardio, and what her favorite cheat food is. (Answer: Pizza!)

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good



Latham Thomas, New York City wellness guru, answers a few questions for the evian film crew following the event.

Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good



IntenSati creator Patricia Moreno flashes her winning smile after the workout.

 Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good



Jackie Warner is flanked by the evian team and Alexia and Melisse of Well+Good.

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Next stop? This Saturday, June 16, Warner and evian head to the chic Raleigh Hotel in South Beach for a poolside fitness pop-up!

We can’t wait to hear from Warner if New Yorkers are still the fittest group of the 3-city tour.