Event recap: Refine Method UWS Launch Party

Last week Well+Good readers celebrated the opening of Refine Method UWS with interval classes, a metabolism-boost, and lots of healthy swag.
Refine Method fitness instructor New York


Last week Well+Good readers celebrated the opening of Refine Method on the Upper West Side (117 W. 72nd Street).

It was a sold-out evening of four back-to-back, interval classes that use pulleys, gliders, kettlebells—and fun—to intelligently whip you into shape.

Well+Good readers really brought it, and were rewarded with a metabolism-boost and lots of swag, such as brand-new Refine tanks and beauty-filled Birchboxes.

Check out the fitness party photos and the class—and join us for our next workout experience!

Photo: Instructor Katie Bergstrom of Refine Method. Photographer: Larkin Clark for Well+Good


Get Started

fitness class New York


Readers warm up at their pulley stations with instructors Laura Henry (at top) and Katie Bergstrom, who demonstrated moves and proper form throughout the heart-pumping class.



Every Well+Good reader who attended the Refine Method launch party received a Birchbox, the super popular beauty subscription service.

It delivers a box of skin-care and makeup to your door each month.

This is huge perk since you can’t even buy a solo kit.




fitness class New York twist

These twisting lunges get your blood-pumping for the intervals and strength training moves to follow.

Trust us on this.





kettlebell workout New York

These Well+Good readers are smiling while holding their kettlebells in between sets of squats.

Think you could do that?










workout gliders New York fitness class

Gliders: One of the newer torture, er, fitness tools used in the Refine Method workout.

We did a countless number of push-ups while gliding our legs open and closed (like jumping jacks parallel to the floor).

Even though you’re using upper body strength to hold yourself up, this move puts core stability front and center.





ab work at Refine Method



When the lights go down, it’s time to cool down.

Only at Refine, this means an ab series (these twists are tough!) followed by IT band and hamstring stretches. Hurts so good.




Why are Refine’s founders Lowell Putnam and Brynn Jinnett (on pulleys) smiling?

The new Upper West Side studio is the fitness brand’s third New York City location in just over two years.

The other studios are in Union Square and on the Upper East Side.




Readers were invited to Flip for Refine. By posing for a tricked out camera, everyone got one of these fun Flipbooks that flaunted their perfect kettlebell or fitness form.




The camera’s fast shutter speed captures this Well+Good reader’s photogenic lunges for her Flipbook.





fitness instructors at Refine Method

Refine Method instructors and founder Brynn Jinnett (in burgundy pants) create a power-run Flipbook. You can almost see the wind in their hair!

Note their cute Refine Method tees, which every attendee received.




Refine Method and Well+Good founders

Sweat fest: Refine Method’s Brynn Jinnett and Laura Henry pose with Well+Good’s Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue. (We’d like to tell readers this was taken after the third class, so we’re a tad schvitzy.)




Hail Merry healthy snacks

Post-workout, Well+Good’s Melisse Gelula grabs some Hail Merry Raw Salt-N-Pepper Sunflower Seeds, which were on hand along with the delish Spicy Pecans and Grawnola.




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