Mind-body movement: New research on how exercise impacts mental health

A new study shows that exercise's mental health benefits may stem from the social aspects of working out.
(photo: 12wbt.com)
(photo: 12wbt.com)


By Kelly Gonsalves for Prevention.com

Prevention-1You’re gaining much more from your weekly fitness classes than just a slim waistline and a cute butt. According to a new study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, a huge chunk of the benefits of exercise arises from the social interaction that comes with it.

Past research has shown that regular exercise promotes better psychological health and decreases stress levels. But after analyzing the physical, mental, and social behavior of 14,706 young adults, this study found that those who were more physically active tend to have better mental health, possibly because they also had the tendency to have more friends and spend more time with others.

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