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Portland-based Chris Calarco is melding sun salutations with a Pink Floyd laser light show at Yoga Vida in New York later this month.

Chris Calarco Pink Floyd yoga New York

Start sprinkling hemp seeds on everything. On April 26, Portland-based yogi Chris Calarco is bringing his Pink Floyd Yoga workshop to Yoga Vida’s Noho location.

Calarco, who is known for his music-infused workshops that also feature Bob Marley, Phish, and Michael Jackson, will lead students through class while a live DJ spins a Pink Floyd mix, synced with visual projections and video of the band’s concerts, psychedelic art, nature imagery, and more.

But what does the “Dark Side of the Moon” have to do with downward dog? According to Calarco, a lot.

“Like the rise of yoga into western popular culture, Pink Floyd’s emergence marked a time of radical awakening in the hearts and minds of millions,” Calarco says. “Floyd’s instrumental experimentation and psychedelic soundscapes lay groundwork for our ever-expanding, ever-shifting perspectives. Their philosophical lyrics are contemplations of life’s heaviest questions, and these same explorations are the invitation of yoga. Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going?”

This would be the time to rock that tie dye workout tank you’ve been meaning to debut.

Pink Floyd Yoga, April 26, 8:00-10:00 p.m., Yoga Vida, 666 Broadway, Noho, $25,