FitReserve joins the discount, fitness-booking scene

(Photo: FitReserve)

A slew of companies have been trying to make booking boutique fitness classes as easy as signing up for a gym membership—including frontrunner ClassPass, Athlete’s Club, and FitClub—and now there’s another player on the scene.

FitReserve is a new booking platform and discount workout service that launched on Tuesday from the founders of Go Recess, and it will offer 10- or 20-class packages for $149 and $249, respectively, to its network of  studios. FitReserve is currently partnered with about 40, such as EVF PerformanceClay Health Club + SpaExhaleThe MovementBrooklyn Crew, and Exceed Physical Culture. That’s a deal because many of the studios cost between $30 and $40 a session (just in case you never look at your credit card statement).

The FitReserve membership is more expensive than ClassPass’ $99 price tag (which currently gets you unlimited classes in eight different cities), so what are the features that might make you drop more of your precious sweat-allocated funds?

Co-founder Megan Smyth explains you’ll get access to the studios’ full schedules, including peak class times (AKA the only times you really want), and you can go to any one studio as many as four times in a month. A ClassPass membership lets you hit the same studio three times a month.

“By offering access to studios’ full schedules including peak class times and the ability to attend each studio up to four times per month, FitReserve makes it easier for members to create a routine that works for their busy lifestyle at an accessible price point,” says Smyth.

Your membership also gets you cool perks, like discounts at Lolë and Phat Buddha, and consultations with nutritionists, like Keri Glassman.

Even so, if FitReserve wants to live up to the popularity of ClassPass, it will need to woo some of the high profile studios to its list, like Flywheel and Barry’s Bootcamp. And hey, how about SLT? Now, those are some peak times people would pay more for. —Molly Gallagher

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