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The last thing you’re probably thinking about after a bad breakup is tidying up your home or workspace. But instead of reaching for the red wine or avocado mousse in attempt to assuage your feelings, try pulling a Marie Kondo—and apply it to your broken heart.

In her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo explains how to declutter and simply your life, all in the pursuit of surrounding yourself with things that “spark joy.” Now, professional organizer Tova Weinstock suggests you apply those same principles to get over your latest love in a post on The Cut.

Weinstock’s seven-step Kondo-inspired guide involves more than just throwing out those sentimental movie theater stubs or birthday cards you’ve saved. (And no, you won’t be scheduling post-breakup hand-offs for the stuff they left behind—you’ll be trashing it.)

It’s a sympathetic approach to reclaiming your life so you’re left with only happy memories and good vibes. Plus, step one is easy: “Take time to be a mess.” But only for so long. Then it’s time to grab the trash bag, get to work—and make a truly clean break. —Alison Feller

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