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13 healthy gifts we’d give our favorite celebrities for the holidays

celebrity giftingIn our dream world, Amy Schumer would host Hanukkah, Adele would sing us carols, and star trainer Noah Neiman would be Santa. This year, one of those three came true (thanks, Noah).

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t imagine up the rest of it, like sipping vegan hazelnut egg nog and chatting women’s issues with Lena Dunham while giving out the perfect gifts to all of our famous besties.

Which is why we had some fun with our 2015 Wellness Wonderland Gift Guide, matching some of the items with the celebs we know would love them the most. Happy holidays, stars!

Lena Dunham
Zara Terez Mixtapes capri leggings and Normal Ear Buds
She’ll rock them while sweating through a Tracy Anderson class or heading out for a run.

zara terez mixtape leggings

The Kardashians
W3ll People’s Natural Beauty Essentials, Intelligent Nutrient’s Renewal Complex, and Onomie Cosmetics Bag
We want to make sure they’re not putting their health on the line with all of those makeup applications.


Miley Cyrus
Lou & Grey athleisure knits
For those days when she actually feels like being fully clothed and just wants to look chill for the paparazzi.

Owl’s Brew Coco-Lada tea cocktail mixers
Her new album just broke every. freakin. record. She should cheers to that.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan 
The Peloton Bike
What better way for the power couple to sneak in spin workouts at home while baby Max is sleeping?

Amy Schumer 
Parachute’s Venice Set and an OSO mattress
Every comedy show has touched upon how much time she spends in the bedroom. (Ahem.) So she should be comfy.

Parachute HomeMisty Copeland
Sticky Be Socks
This one’s really a gift for those ballerina toes and the “Be Strong” message is perfect for her.

Taylor Swift
Spa and class cred to Exhale
Because there are oh-so-many ways to Shake It Off.

Gwyneth Paltrow 
Little Box of Rocks
Beautiful healing crystals for the spiritual entrepreneur and GOOP goddess.

Little Box of Rocks

Aloha Superfood Chocolate 
We’re keeping this one for ourselves. —Sarah Sarway

Check out all these gifts (and many more!), plus some healthy holiday wisdom, in our Wellness Wonderland Gift Guide 

(Photos: Adele/Owl’s Brew, Zara Terez, Onomie, Parachute Home, Little Box of Rocks)