How to stay healthy during festival season, according to party pro Whitney Port

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There’s more to watch out for during festival season than just stage divers; between spending all day in the sun and all night waiting in line at the food area for a veggie wrap (just to find out that they’re sold out, and no, the French fries don’t come with a side of spirulina), it’s a veritable minefield for anyone trying to maintain their healthy habits.

No one knows this better than it-girl Whitney Port, who is kicking off what she calls her fifth festival season with Coachella this weekend. “It really is my favorite, but that’s probably because it’s so close to Los Angeles and it’s so easy to get to,” Port says.

While the onetime reality TV star is an old pro in the fashion department—in addition to her own line, Whitney Eve, she’s breaking into activewear with a line that will be available at Target this September—the former ballerina has become a pro at staying healthy on the road. The key? Listening to what your body needs. “I’m always a moderation person,” Port explains. “I try to stay healthy all the time because it just makes me feel better, but if I want pizza or something yummy, I’ll have it because I don’t want to ever feel deprived.”

The one place she’s not about moderation? When she’s at a fitness studio. “I love SoulCycle—for me it’s all about getting my sweat on and really feeling like I’ve detoxed once I’m done,” she explains. “I’ll work really hard during that hour so that I feel great all day.”

As for who the star’s most looking forward to seeing at Coachella this year? “I’m really excited about three performers in particular: Calvin Harris, Sam Feldt, and Sia. I love all of them, but I’m also just excited to hear who else is out there. It’s so fun to hear new music in such a cool environment.”

Hitting up music festivals this year? Scroll through to see Whitney Port’s 7 healthy must-haves to get you through endless sets.

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Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

1. A hydrating face mist

“I use this all the time but especially during festivals,” Port explains, “Juice Beauty has an amazing hydrating mist that comes in a travel size spray. I just throw it in my cross body bag when I travel and it smells so delicious, plus it makes me feel clean and ready to go after a long day.”

Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

2. Something to drink (the more hydrating, the better)

“It’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re in the sun all day, especially if you’re drinking,” Port says. “I always try to alternate between alcohol and water, so I don’t feel dehydrated. I also make sure to stock up on juices and am not afraid to BYO-juice. I’m loving the Orange Turmeric from Pressed Juicery right now, it’s so refreshing and delicious. At Coachella and some of the other festivals, they have fresh coconut and I love to sip on that [too].”

Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

3. Sun protection

“This is sort of a given, but sun care is so important, especially at an outdoor festival,” Port reminds us. (She’s totally spot on, too.) Her go-to is sunscreen from Coola. “They make the best sunscreen; it’s non-greasy and feels great on the skin.”

Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

4. An energy supplement (of the natural kind)

“At festivals, your energy levels get shot really quickly,” explains Port. “You go from the pools to the field, and mixed with alcohol and the hot sun, it’s so easy to not pay attention to how you’re feeling. Hum Raw Beauty is extremely healthy and just gives me that extra boost.” Not sure what to mix your supplement with? Here’s her advice: “It may sound weird, but I like to mix mine with cashew milk—it tastes just like a mint chocolate chip milkshake! If you’re thinking it’s hard to find cashew milk at festival, don’t worry, I literally bring it with me.” A girl after our own heart!

Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

5. All-day lip care

“Less is definitely more at a music festival—you don’t want to look too done up. I love the Lucas Papaw Ointment,” Port says. “It has natural papaya extract, it’s so moisturizing, and it gives the perfect glow for day or night.”

Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

6. A moment of mindfulness

The one thing you don’t even have to pack? Some peace of mind. Port is all about finding quiet moments where she can center herself. (Yes, even the porta-potty stall counts.) “The festivals are all getting so healthy these days and it’s nice to get away from the chaos for a few minutes just to clear your mind.” she says. “My friend Mariah is hosting a detox stretch session at Coachella, and I’m excited to just get a minute away to stretch and center myself!”

Photo: Instagram/whitneyeveport

7. A moisturizing night cream

“When you’re out in the sun all day or drinking, your skin loses moisture and no matter what you do throughout the day, the night is really when you should try and repair it,” she explains. Her favorite? “I love Weleda Skin Food, I just use it on my face at nighttime and wake up glowing.”

Whitney’s not the only big star breaking into the Target market: Tracy Anderson’s launching a line of bars and shakes exclusively with the retailer.

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