The healthy habits Victoria’s Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton lives by


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You might know supermodel Erin Heatherton best from her struts down the Victoria’s Secret runway in lace-y bras and feathery angel wings, or from this year’s pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. But there’s a good chance you’ve also taken a SoulCycle class next to her or streamed a Ballet Beautiful sculpting class with her.

That’s right: supermodels sweat just like us. In fact, Heatherton’s balanced routine includes making it to her favorite boutique fitness studios even on the craziest of days, and eating as cleanly as possible. Sound familiar?

She also uses Fitbit to stay active—and recently took part in a Celebrity FitBit challenge with Hilary Rhoda, logging in more than 70,000 steps to raise money for the American Heart Association.

We chatted with the supermodel about her go-to workouts, how she scored a boyfriend who’s a great cook, and why she’s really craving some reflexology right now.

What are your favorite foods and do you cook? 
I stick to eating fresh, organic food. I eat a lot of salads and fish and chicken. My boyfriend cooks almost every night, usually fish and a huge salad. He’s from Australia, so he was raised on fresh, easy, simple meals that are healthy and local. He loves to cook, so bless his soul.

My favorite breakfast is eggs on gluten-free toast or avocado toast. For lunch, I usually have a salad with grilled salmon and avocado, but it depends where I am and if I’m working. I love sushi, too. As a snack before a workout, I have celery and hummus or brown rice crackers.


A boyfriend who cooks—dreamy! After such a busy work life for the last few months, how do you decompress? I’ve been wearing heels every single day for the past month! I can’t wait to get some foot reflexology. I also need a few massages. I love the sauna, too. I’m going there tonight to try and release my body a bit.

Heels for a month straight sounds rough. Are you getting time in your sneakers again? What are your favorite workouts and classes?
 I’ve been training with Mary Helen Bowers at Ballet Beautiful for years. I grew up playing sports, running track, doing interval training, and weight lifting. As a model, you need a different body awareness. Ballet taught me so much about how to hold myself.

I train with Lynn Duffy, too. And SoulCycle is near my house. I make my boyfriend go with me. It’s so fun, there’s music, and dancing on the bike. You leave in the best mood. —Molly Gallagher

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