The craziest wellness splurges you can buy (or ask for)

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Photo: Lotus Belle

Sometimes a gift is something you need—new sneakers, cozy socks—while other times it’s something you want. (Uber-relaxing and trendy wellness retreat, anyone?)

And then there is that category of presents reserved for the most lust-worthy splurges. Sure, you might not ever actually get them for yourself (or at least not until you cash your holiday bonus), but you certainly fantasize about them—and maybe even put them on your wish list, in case someone is feeling extra giving that year.

So what are the craziest wellness splurges worth a heart-eye emoji this year? From a top-of-the-line blender to a luxuriously silky facial oil, these are the over-the-top wellness indulgences that are so worth it—whether to give or, even better, to get.

Keep reading to shop our curated gift guide for the craziest wellness splurges.

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Photo: Aman
Photo: Aman

Amanjena Wellness Retreat, starting at $605 per night

This healing-centric four-day retreat includes morning movement and alignment classes, nightly calming sessions, a daily 60-minute spa session, biking excursions, and more. Oh, and it’s set in the hills of idyllic Marrakech, Morocco.

Photo: Blendtec
Photo: Blendtec

Blendtec 875 Stealth 875, $1,300

Friends don’t let friends try to blend apples, flax seed, and ginger in a mediocre blender. Even better? This is one of the quietest options around, thanks to its sound-dampening enclosure.

Photo: Carbon38
Photo: Carbon38

B 3.0 Active Poncho Wrap, $572

Everyone has that one throw-over-everything top—and if you’re wearing it to your yoga class, from your women’s circle, or en route to that incredible meditation retreat, it’s definitely worth spending a little more on something that is chic, not schlubby. Enter this 100 percent cashmere poncho, which basically turns a super-cozy blanket into a sophisticated wearable.

Photo: Sakara
Photo: Sakara

Sakara Meal Delivery, $420

Give the gift of a healthy, happy gut (and a little more free time outside the kitchen) with these pre-portioned, clean, superfood-packed meal plans.

Photo: Rolpal
Photo: Rolpal

RolPal, $365

Think of this as the gold standard of foam rollers. The patented bubbles mimic the shape of your fingers, recreating that hurts-so-bad-it’s-good feeling you get from a myofascial massage—all in the comfort of your home.

Photo: Glitz

Glitz LED Therapy Anti Aging Mask, $250

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving: This LED phototherapy mask is the ultimate self-care facial treatment. It’s said to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores, restore your skin’s natural collagen production, and reverse the effects of sun damage on your skin—all for only 30 minutes a day. (Plus, you’ll have no shortage of creepy selfies to post on Instagram.)

Photo: Givenchy
Photo: Givenchy

Givenchy Low-Top Sneakers, $495

If you want to take your white sneaker obsession to the next level, these high-fashion designer kicks will upgrade any winter outfit.

Photo: Lotus Belle

Lotus Belle 16-Foot Hybrid Deluxe Tent, $2,900

Designed for all climates, this super-sized glamping go-to will fit a full-size bed, dresser, and desk—or a meditation cushion, yoga mat, and a heart-opening women’s circle.

Photo: Skybuds
Photo: Skybuds

Skybuds Wireless Earbuds, $250

These stay-put, high-tech headphones are perfect for the fitness fanatic in your life—making it possible to sprint, box-jump and even burpee without fear of a tangled-wire-tripping-you-up situation.

Photo: Kypris
Photo: Kypris

Kypris 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir, $225

This ultra-luxe face product uses the oils of 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses to deliver dewy, glowing, rose-petal-soft skin.

Photo: ABC Kitchen
Photo: ABC Kitchen

Mquan Open Eye Plate, $750

The best kind of splurge is a double-duty splurge. Not only is this serving dish ultra-chic, but the open eye on the plate is the symbol of protection and visual insight—meaning it can help protect your kitchen, holiday table, or entry way.

Photo: Dyson

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $315

For those cold, winter mornings when air drying is not an option, this revolutionary hair dryer from the makers of the no-suction vacuum should do the trick.

Photo: Anthony Lent

Lavender Chalcedony Adorned Hands Ring, $7,500

Although the healing hands would be enough to make this ring drool-worthy, the stone is the piece de resistance. Chalcedony is known for its nurturing powers—and when it’s nestled within the hands, any negative energy is said to be absorbed then dissipated, so that it doesn’t pass along to someone else.

Photo: Vetements

Vetements Printed Cotton-Blend Jersey Hooded Top, $1,050

This is the sweatshirt that sparked the oversized trend—use the holidays as an excuse to get the cozy classic, not a knockoff.

Photo: Google
Photo: Google

Google Pixel Phone with Virtual Reality Daydream View Headset, $649 and $79, respectively

The smartphone itself is state-of-the-art, but throw in the VR headset and you’re giving the gift of an instant trip to the beaches of Bali, the calming biking paths of Tuscany, or even an unnamed spot in nature for a relaxing 20-minute meditation.

chakrubs amethyst
Photo: Chakrubs

Chakrubs Amethyst, $280

While probably not meant to be opened around the tree with Grandma (unless you’re very open about your self-pleasuring—in which case hey, more power to you), this crystal sex toy is for anyone who deserves a little extra calming, balancing, and high-vibe “me time.” (So, everyone?)

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