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Photo: Stocksy/Marija Mandic

Twitter’s not exactly known as a haven for mental health—”safe space” and “hashtag” don’t usually find themselves in the same sentence.

However, comedian Jonathan Sun is here to change that with his new handle: @tinycarebot. Inspired from a post-election whirlwind of stress and endless Twitter-scrolling—we can all can relate to that phenomenon—this handle tweets out a simple message of self-care every hour. (I mean if you’re already scrolling social media…)

The message behind the account is simple: “It’s just a sweet little bot giving you self-care reminders every hour with uplifting emojis. Never negative, sometimes necessarily repetitive, and always [email protected] is here for you,” Sun explains to Hello Giggles.

The messages aren’t necessarily full of encouragement or positivity, but serve more as a gentle reminder to take simple, but beneficial, pauses for self-care—from taking a deep breath and having another glass of water to taking a break from your screen (gasp!).

The Tiny Care Bot is also very responsive to the needs of its followers—it often polls followers to gather info on how often they want to see tweets, the topics, and more.

So do yourself a favor—before the holiday madness sets in—and follow this little self-care bot. Considering it’s only been around a few days and has already amassed over 30,000 followers (and counting), it looks like you won’t be the only one.

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